My name is Kevin Cantu. I live in California, and when I'm not working as a software consultant you might catch me geeking out on programming languages, taking pictures, or otherwise enjoying the world. You should follow me on Twitter, or get in touch!


I've uploaded a variety of things and places I wanted to share with people. You might enjoy some of these...


I'm experimenting with an app which uses the scrypt hash to generate passwords which are more secure yet also more easily memorizable (in Python, with a Kivy GUI).

The name refers to a Sherlock Holmes episode which inspired the algorithm. Not to mention the online password leaks which seem to happen each week...

I'd love to hear what you think of the idea!

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I've been contributing to Rust, Mozilla's new concurrent programming language, and you might want to check it out.

A couple of highlights you might like are my implementations of the Alioth shootout k-nucleotide and chameneos-redux concurrency benchmarks, which you'll find here.

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